Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'M HERE.......i think

I feel like I have dropped from the face of the earth! BUT this is a good thing. I have been immersed in studio work as well as dealing with people working on the pool/yard It's finally shaping up!). I am a bit amused (no seriously….amused...HA...) that life comes at you all at once. You go weeks and weeks with no “finish lines”, no projects, no commitments and then all of the sudden everything happens at once! Now with four finish lines looming just around the corner – I’m talking days here – the pool/yard work at a critical point – like having to make decisions THIS instant (no they can’t wait until Tuesday or an hour for that matter!) – 11 parrots to care for (they are like children and need daily attention) - a spouse needing me…you know acknowledging that he exists!… plus keeping up with the company administration duties there has been little down time compose anything worth reading! I am however making ART!  YEAH!!

I will try to do better in the coming weeks – well after Tuesday! I can report that one entry has been successfully sent off – and early at that! Time will tell if the other three get completed in time. Then I can unbury my studio….I know I have flat surfaces in there....somewhere.... it will be an archeological dig!

Also, don’t forget about the drawing for a piece of my art work! Go to my website and sign up for the mailing list by August 31, 2010 and you are in!