Friday, January 29, 2010


I absolutly love technology - I just wish it loved me as much!  Seems that I have spent the last couple of weeks getting my "work" computer working - and no, it is still not right!  So a pause in my posts - I don't have access to my pictures nor my snippets of writings that eventually end up on the blog.  Hopefully next week the computer gods will smile down and take pity! 

I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I know that the world will go even though I am limping along - I just hope that I don't let it get to far ahead of me!  Then looking on the bright side - I have more art time!  Maybe I'll get pictures of all that fabric that I would like to share with the world so I will be ready when my "work" computer is!

Talk to you soon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay True

I have been wrestling with the question of why I feel it necessary to do more than needed on a piece of work. I guess I should clarify that statement.... I have been working on a piece that is hand stitched. I could possibly stitch on this the rest of my life and not be "done". I was thinking out loud about the necessity to do MORE stitching or if the piece was "done". The answer from others hearing my out loud "thinking" were that I should stop as I would never be able to charge or price the piece based on the amount of time I had spent on it - in other words the amount of work done on this piece would command a very large price tag to justify the amount of time or to even make 50 cents an hour! I began wondering if the piece could be called finished even though there are areas that could use more stitching. My fingers said - YES stop stitching! I put the piece down but it has been haunting me. My heart, my soul, my intuition say that I should add more to the areas that I feel are lacking. Thus the question of do I stay true to ME and do a bit more on the piece or do I listen to others and stop now. My artist will not be happy until the stitching that I envisioned when I started the piece is completed. I may compromise and not do as much stitching but I will do more in the areas that I feel need it. I realize that the dollar amount may never justify the time spent but the artistic vision needs to be complete. I MUST do more on this one in order to be happy with myself. Sometimes it isn't about the dollars but it IS about being true to oneself. Yes, it will take a bit more time. Yes, I can never monetarily recover the time spent. BUT I will be happy with the end results and THAT is what matters most.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

No pictures this evening - just some rambling thoughts......I've been thinking a lot about "plenty" about "space" about "time" ---- I'm thinking that I need to sort through fabrics that have been hand dyed and set them free - they are holding places in my mind that should be open for new thoughts and creativity ----  perhaps in the next few weeks I'll put up a few on the blog and my store to see if there might be another home for them - someone who can see the possibilities in these works - -----  In that same vein if some fabrics find homes with others that would free up more space - both in the studio and in the mind - more space for creating - and in the long run it would give me more time---- that seems rather odd as how can setting fabric free give me more time!  Well I won't be thinking about what I need to do with these pieces - I have more time to create the things that I have been thinking about.....  I'm finding that I need to let go of some of these so that I can think clearer about the paths I need to be following - clear the mind of thinking that I have to use these up before I can move forward.......  yes, I am sure that I need to set these free -----  so stay tuned for some fabrics......  now I need to go to bed!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Art In Fiber

I was very excited to be juried into The Art in Fiber at the Copper Shade Tree and then even more so when I received the postcard for the show.  My Landscape piece was used to develop the artwork for the postcard!  Then today I received notice that the book American Landscape is available for pre-order.  Again my artwork was used for the cover!    I have not seen the book in person but it contains the work of all 24 artists that were juried into the show.  The "landscape" pieces are all the same size 12"x 12"x 1 1/2".   This was such warming news on a day that is dark and gloomy!

The show itself runs from February 5th through March 7th 2010. Opening reception is February 5, 2010 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Copper Shade Tree, 206 E. Mill St., Round Top, TX 78954

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mind Junk

This past week has been filled with mind "junk". I really dislike all the clutter that tends to fill my mind - sorting things that need to get done, mapping a plan for the coming weeks/months, trying to figure out how to fit it all on the calendar-realizing that this month is gone!-, keeping up with the "honey do's" (or not). You know all the "junk" that takes up valuable thinking space that should be used for working on art!  I am finalizing the last two pieces for The Art in Fiber show and am having a great deal of difficulty clearing my mind so that I can focus on the work. This particular piece seems to say it all - a rambling line going through the endless chambers - lots of side "sparks" flying off it - I'm thinking this must be a self portrait of what is going on in my head right now. Thoughts weaving in and out, bits of random sentences here and there - and of course the rambling line - going aimlessly through all the areas of clutter - Perhaps the last stitch will release the clutter and I can once again be more focused on the making of art.

The Art in Fiber
February 5th - March 7th, 2010
Copper Shade Tree Gallery
Round Top, TX

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I have been sorting through piles of fabric contemplating new beginnings - trying to decide what to let go of and what to keep. There are so many possibilities to deliberate on – so many paths I could take – which would be the best for me to travel down? I think this time of year we all sort through piles – what do we keep - what do we let go of? It will be fun to make those decisions – some challenging – some no-brainers – some we will look at in a few months and ask ourselves “what were we thinking”! Hopefully all my possibilities through the coming year will be as easy as sorting through the piles of fabrics. I just have to remember to keep it all in perspective and enjoy the journey and look forward to what is around the corner.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

A New Year......what a fantastic opportunity for new beginnings. Untarnished and eagerly awaiting our footprints. What paths will we take in this coming year. What footprints will we leave behind? Will you be making new year's resolutions, writing down your goals, preparing a course for the upcoming year? What new journeys will you travel on? Will you explore a new idea or technique or make improvements on what you are already doing? Will you strive to expand your mind, your skills or will you sit back and glide through the upcoming year.

This time is always so exciting for me - it is as if I have a new piece of fabric laid out in front of me just waiting for me to make my marks, to add color, texture, patterns. I think my life is very similar to the fabrics on my print table. It is up to me to decide what marks I want my life to make, what paths I choose to follow. It is up to me to decide how I will allow my actions or the actions of others to mark my life. Take a few moments and think about the path you will be taking this new year and the footprints you want to leave for others to see. It is an exciting time and I am anxious to begin exploring those new paths in front of me! I hope you will enjoy the journey as well.