Friday, September 17, 2010

I have such a hard time giving myself permission to work – to create –  to play - outside of the studio – outside of my chosen medium, fiber.  I have felt so guilty working in the yard and not dyeing fabrics.  Yet I am creating. I am designing.  I am making.  I love the feel of the dirt in my hands, of preparing the soil. I love the challenge of selecting just the right plants.  I have worked hard the last few weeks moving dirt, moving rocks, planting.  From designing, planning, arranging rock and dirt I have created an environment for me to be at rest in - A sanctuary -  A place to be inspired in. I should not feel guilty but should rejoice in the accomplishments and the progress that has been made. While there is still much to do I can now sit under the shade of the wisteria and stitch – at peace with myself and in a peaceful environment.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can’t believe that August just zipped by! I can’t believe that it is so far into September already! I remember when time seemed to move at a snails pace, nothing came fast and when you wanted time to fly it seemed to stand still. The good news is that I met all my finish lines. (I like that term – finish line….it does not sound nearly as ominous as deadline!) I have heard back from two that were calls to enter and I did get juried into both of them. One of the exhibits I entered I won’t hear from until the middle of October – talk about agony! I really HATE to wait on finding out if I made the cut or not. The last finish line was to get a donation piece done for Fiber Artists of San Antonio’s Runway show raffle. That was a mouth full! (Pictured above)
The one thing I will say about having these short working times is that I had little or no time to actually think about the work. I just did. Some I was very happy with, some not so much but they were still good pieces. I also noticed that not only did I finish the required work for the entries, I also made "spin off" work. It was a very productive few weeks. Regardless of the outcome of the work I absolutely loved being so absorbed in the making. Life is just better when you are creating. I know my whole attitude is one that is much kinder and gentler. (I am sure my other half appreciated that as well.) In spite of some long hours I never really felt tired – I felt good and at peace with myself and the world.

This past week has been one of catching up – I haven’t been able to be at the print table nor have I been able to get the studio cleaned up. I have not felt as good – I’m anxious, ill at ease – tired! You would think it would be just the opposite! Lesson learned – more time at the print table/in the studio is MUCH better for your well being!