Monday, November 30, 2009

Venturing out into Cyberspace

Welcome! This is a new venture into uncharted waters for me. I hope that you will enjoy my successes and my failures as I share a glimpse of my world and my journey across yards of fabric. Although my primary love is in making Art Cloth I have ventured into some smaller works. The piece shown above is "Dance" and is 6" x 8". It incorporates found objects, hand stitching, hand dyed fabrics and gold leafing. It is available for purchase.
I will be posting pictures of completed pieces as well as works in progress. I welcome your comments and suggestions.


  1. Welcome to blogger world, Laura -- I am definitely looking forward to getting the opportunity to see what you're doing and will sign up to be your very first follower. Hope you enjoy blogging and attract readers who will appreciate your wonderful talent. Jeanne

  2. Great job, very pleasing to the eye. Debbie and I are thrilled with your work and even more thrilled that you are now part of the Copper Shade Tree family. Keep your creative juices flowing. Thanks for raising the bar in the world of art. Gerald