Saturday, February 13, 2010

Listening to the Voice

ORNIS - 31” x 22”
Hand made paper, interface, rug canvas, tea bag paper, textile paint, feather (Red Golden Pheasant) hand stitching using grasses for thread

This work came from my desire to showcase the magnificent beauty of the ornamental pheasants we raise. I have been reluctant to use feather's in my work as I felt it too realistic or too gimmicky. My love for these magnificent creatures and my desire to find a way to honor their beauty without being trite has been a driving force in finding a way to do that. This particular feather is from a Red Golden Pheasant - one of the most breath taking birds I have ever seen. I can't begin to describe the colors on these birds - I think they have every color in the rainbow on them. And not dull colors - bright vivid color - well I digress -

The work developed simply by playing with different textures and materials. I wanted to focus on the beauty of the solitary feather, to show it's importance. I am sure there is more to why this was important to me but I'm not one to go delving into the inner workings of my brain - I just want to enjoy the process and enjoy the outcome. I have been timid in actually finishing this piece as I felt I was betraying my desire to make Art Cloth - what I was really betraying was my artistic voice. I am slowly understanding that when there is a statement that needs to be made by this voice I should not try and control what medium is used to do so. There is no way that this piece could have ever developed into the finished work if I had refused that artistic voice it's right to complete it's statement the way it needed to. This piece was really freeing as I finally am understanding that my art is not limited to one medium. I am an artist and should not be concerned about using more than one method to express my voice. I am growing day by day, becoming stronger in my convictions. This is not to say that I will not continue to work primarily with fabric but it does mean that I will not be shy about using anything I find to express my voice. I was thrilled when I found that Ornis had sold! That alone validates that I made the right decision to complete it and show it.


  1. Yes, it was a wonderful piece. Loved this post. It says so much.

  2. Having seen your beautiful birds and knowing how large a part of your life they are, it makes sense to me that your artistic self would find a way to translate their beauty artistically. The solitary feather idea hums with energy. Hope you will continue to work with these. Certainly you have a ready supply of material for inspiration!