Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where did it go?!

I am having a hard time tracking where the last few months have gone! It seems like I just posted and wow – no it has been several months. That is not to say that I have been sitting around eating bon-bons – but then I didn’t think I had been that busy! There have been a lot of changes in my personal life – most for the better. I resigned from my position on the local Fiber group with the intent of concentrating on developing a good body of art work. I was looking forward to having only to make decisions of color or shape or stitch….well as you know the best laid plans….. it seemed the universe had different ideas for me. I ran and was successful in being elected to Converse’s City Council. I know in my heart there is a reason I was put in this position as I don’t believe that anything happens without being planned long before our feet hit this earth. I must be patient and let my job unfold and reveal itself to me. I will still work on my art – just not as much as I originally had planned. I still have several “finish lines” that are coming up fast and I have been working on smaller pieces.
It will be interesting to see where this path leads me and how my art work will be influenced by it. I can only open my mind, heart and soul and accept the opportunities that will present themselves to me. I’m looking forward to a wild ride over the next few years!


  1. Congratulations! So happy to have an enlightened friend elected to a town council.

  2. Glad you're back on the blog scene! I think you do have an important voice to add to the city council. Good luck combining those responsibilities with your creative time!