Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

A New Year......what a fantastic opportunity for new beginnings. Untarnished and eagerly awaiting our footprints. What paths will we take in this coming year. What footprints will we leave behind? Will you be making new year's resolutions, writing down your goals, preparing a course for the upcoming year? What new journeys will you travel on? Will you explore a new idea or technique or make improvements on what you are already doing? Will you strive to expand your mind, your skills or will you sit back and glide through the upcoming year.

This time is always so exciting for me - it is as if I have a new piece of fabric laid out in front of me just waiting for me to make my marks, to add color, texture, patterns. I think my life is very similar to the fabrics on my print table. It is up to me to decide what marks I want my life to make, what paths I choose to follow. It is up to me to decide how I will allow my actions or the actions of others to mark my life. Take a few moments and think about the path you will be taking this new year and the footprints you want to leave for others to see. It is an exciting time and I am anxious to begin exploring those new paths in front of me! I hope you will enjoy the journey as well.

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