Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay True

I have been wrestling with the question of why I feel it necessary to do more than needed on a piece of work. I guess I should clarify that statement.... I have been working on a piece that is hand stitched. I could possibly stitch on this the rest of my life and not be "done". I was thinking out loud about the necessity to do MORE stitching or if the piece was "done". The answer from others hearing my out loud "thinking" were that I should stop as I would never be able to charge or price the piece based on the amount of time I had spent on it - in other words the amount of work done on this piece would command a very large price tag to justify the amount of time or to even make 50 cents an hour! I began wondering if the piece could be called finished even though there are areas that could use more stitching. My fingers said - YES stop stitching! I put the piece down but it has been haunting me. My heart, my soul, my intuition say that I should add more to the areas that I feel are lacking. Thus the question of do I stay true to ME and do a bit more on the piece or do I listen to others and stop now. My artist will not be happy until the stitching that I envisioned when I started the piece is completed. I may compromise and not do as much stitching but I will do more in the areas that I feel need it. I realize that the dollar amount may never justify the time spent but the artistic vision needs to be complete. I MUST do more on this one in order to be happy with myself. Sometimes it isn't about the dollars but it IS about being true to oneself. Yes, it will take a bit more time. Yes, I can never monetarily recover the time spent. BUT I will be happy with the end results and THAT is what matters most.


  1. listen to yoour heart. It knows better than those external voices. Mary Ann

  2. Great post, Laura. Not every piece we make is meant to be sold. Do whatever you need to do on the piece, for yourself. You need to be pleased with it, as you said at the end, that's what matters most.