Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

No pictures this evening - just some rambling thoughts......I've been thinking a lot about "plenty" about "space" about "time" ---- I'm thinking that I need to sort through fabrics that have been hand dyed and set them free - they are holding places in my mind that should be open for new thoughts and creativity ----  perhaps in the next few weeks I'll put up a few on the blog and my store to see if there might be another home for them - someone who can see the possibilities in these works - -----  In that same vein if some fabrics find homes with others that would free up more space - both in the studio and in the mind - more space for creating - and in the long run it would give me more time---- that seems rather odd as how can setting fabric free give me more time!  Well I won't be thinking about what I need to do with these pieces - I have more time to create the things that I have been thinking about.....  I'm finding that I need to let go of some of these so that I can think clearer about the paths I need to be following - clear the mind of thinking that I have to use these up before I can move forward.......  yes, I am sure that I need to set these free -----  so stay tuned for some fabrics......  now I need to go to bed!

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