Sunday, December 20, 2009

Childs Play

I am constantly amazed at the number of people that must have "instructions" before they can create! If you are following "instructions" how is that creating? While there are some guidelines if you are using products such as mixing dyes or discharge paste or photo emulsion---I don't believe there are any fast rules. I guess I create very much like I cook! Some of this and a little of that - and somehow it turns out. I know that I can never duplicate or reproduce what it is I'm making - I can come close but not exactly. Now I can't say this is a good formula to follow if you need to have a consistent color for production work - then yes you would need to know exact measurements so that the product can be consistent. BUT I will say that to me that is not creating - that is producing. This is one area where I would be in way over my head - I don't think I could make the same thing twice if my life depended on it! I don't like to repeat what I do - my work is truly "one of a kind". When I work it is as if I am transformed to another place - a place where rules go out the window. (Of course safety rules should never go out the window!) My child self takes over and boots the adult out the door slamming it behind her! Who cares if I didn't measure exactly or if a little bit of blue gets mixed with the red....or if the squeegee isn't at a perfect angle or pulled from top to bottom....who is going to know but me? If the end result is something that I like than does it really matter how I got there? Let your child out more often you will be amazed at the results!

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  1. I finally checked out the blog mom. Who knew you had a knack for blogging. I must say I'm envious. I never had the gift of words, but it appears there are more talents in you than you let on. Love you bunches and I am proud to say my mom mixes her blues with reds....even if I don't. I still clean the water color trays when Sarah finishes b/c I can't stand that she MIXED the colors!

    Keep up the awesome work!