Saturday, December 5, 2009

A cold morning

Another "winter" type piece. Again, these colors are some I normally don't do. I have a very difficult time when things are rainy or gloomy - I need the bright sunshine to energize me! But after a drive through the Texas countryside the image of fields on a very foggy January morning kept haunting me - the only way to get it out of the mind is to put it onto the fabric! I did some experimenting with this piece. The "fabric" I'm stitching on is Lutrador - I burned, painted and stitched it. I also used graphic and pigment pens to emphasize the tree forms. The "fog" comes from a piece of sheer fabric painted/inked in grays that lays over the front, there is also a piece of black organza that lays over the back. That was the original plan for the piece. Since I have completed it I have shown it with the sheers hanging over the back so that you see the Lutrador first - also it has been shown from both the back side and the front side. Depending on how it is hung the whole feel of the piece changes! Three for one. I am happy to say that this piece now has been adopted out to a permanent home.

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