Monday, December 21, 2009


As the year winds down it is time to release all those past mistakes, let them go and move on.  We have yards of clean fabric in front of us waiting for us to make our mark on.  What a wonderful thought that we can start each day, week, month, year with a fresh start - a clean slate.  We are free to choose different paths, to explore new avenues, to make a difference.  We are free to accept the challenge to grow in the coming days.  If we stumble we have a new day just around the corner.  Time to pick ourselves up and try again. Learn from our trials and enjoy the journey.  Let our minds and hands begin to work as one.  Transform those yards of fabric into magical places in our minds eye.  Call upon the child to come play daily - immerse ourselves in the act of doing and being. Remember that EVERY mark we make is "perpect" Keep this magical time of the year in our minds and hearts all through the coming year.

19" x 106"
Cotton Sateen, Printed, discharged, gold powder, paper lamination

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