Friday, December 11, 2009

They are coming!

In this most busy time of the year I always try to remember to stay focused and centered on the important things in life. To count on the pure joys of seeing, of hearing, of smelling, of tasting and of touching. We are so blessed to live in this world yet so much of the time become so involved in self that we loose site of the big picture. Today our three grandbabies come to stay with us for a week. Although it will be most hectic it will also be magical. The house is waiting for the little hands to help decorate, the oven is waiting for warm cookies to be baked, the quietness will soon give way to laughter, little voices, the pitter patter of feet running and of course the constant noise. I relish these times as I can experience the discoveries of life through children's eyes yet again. It won't matter to me if the lights aren't perfect or the cookies are a bit miss-shaped because in the eyes of the children they are all "perpect".

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