Friday, December 18, 2009


Surfacing after a few days with my grand children. It was a magical week but also made me appreciate young mothers who deal with little ones daily.

Not only surfacing from children but also from mind matters....trying to de-clutter thoughts to make room for new beginnings. This time of year is especially hard for me to do that. There are so many distractions, so many activities and "to do's" that time for thinking art thoughts is very limited. I gave myself permission to stop for seven days and play with the girls, to enjoy the season through their eyes, to see that even if the ornaments are all clumped together the tree is still beautiful. The two year old would stand and just "awe" in a breathless manner. She was taken to another place by the magic of it all. The older ones were excited and relished in the placement of the "special" ornament.

The energy expounded this past week would have been enough to power a small town! The enthusiasm for each activity was contagious. Their acceptance of the smallest, simplest task was amazing to watch. The minds going at full speed as they took in packages, lights, trees, cookies. I will try to hold it all in my mind so I can record it on fabric at some future point. For the present I need to get the "adult" things caught up and of course I will enjoy the quietness for a bit.
 24" x 100"
 Layered Silk Organza, printed, gold powder
Available Here


  1. Lovely, Laura. Your work and words give me goals to aspire to. (Ungrammatical, I know!) Best to you and yours this Christmas 2009.

  2. It was great to see the girls at the meeting Monday, all decked out in red dresses and enjoying themselves. MA