Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is the time of year when many begin to reflect on the accomplishments of the year....  where they are now from where they were a year ago...  Did they move forward or stay in the same place?  I don't normally do resolutions but I do look at where I have come from and where I want to go.  What will it take to get to that point?  I'm thinking that this year has been a tremendous year of experiences - I opened a Fiber Gallery with three other very talented ladies, only to see it have to close due to circumstances beyond our control - but the experience was there and is something that I would do again when the right time and place finds me. I entered several shows and was accepted (yeah - even won some awards!), I was invited to participate in an international show, I was in a group show, I had a solo show.  I completed many yards of fabric.  All these "accomplishments" are great but what did that really do for me?  I GREW as an artist!  I became more confident in my abilities, I actually started this blog (something that has been on the burner for a long time).  I am learning that there is worth in some of my thoughts.  I have realized that I can "run with the big dogs" and keep up.  This past year has been very exciting for me in experiences.  I can set my sites higher for the upcoming year and begin to EMERGE in a bigger way.  I hope that everyone sets their sites just a bit higher for the upcoming year.

Art Work:  Emerging, (detail) Cotton Sateen, screened, discharged, printed, textile paint, ink, gold powder  22" x 106"
Available here

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