Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where Do They Come From?

I am often asked "Where do you get ideas for your work? The short answer is....from everything I see, hear, touch and/or smell. Many times just a word or glimpse of something will fuel the fire for a new piece. Sometimes it takes a lot of percolating for the idea to surface and sometimes it becomes a reality in a flash. The piece shown was one of those quick inspirations. The title "Descent" does not really clue the viewer in to the inspiration source. I will share the short story of this piece with you......I was working at Art Cloth Studios with several ladies a year or so ago. We had been working very hard all week and were pretty stressed. The suggestion was made to "throw an orange out of the's a great release of stress" - the short of the story is that the studio is on the third floor - Oranges began flying out of the window and yes the stress was gone! We laughed until we cried. This was one of those AH HA moments - sketch book came out and I jotted down a quick sketch to work on at a later time. Ideas come from all around - be ready to capture them for later use! 

Descent 27" x 104", Cotten Sateen, mx dye, appliques, hand stitching

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